I think about an imaginary Internet Rap Mount Rushmore more often than I should. Why? Because I enjoy impractical things and because there must be a way for us to show appreciation to the rappers who changed the way music was, and is, consumed and presented. Currently there are only two rappers on my Internet Rap Mount Rushmore, the first being Soulja Boy because of his pioneering use of social media, the other is Lil B.  

Lil B’s contributions to rap are often unsung, but almost everything from 6 Kiss on was influential one way or another. Everything from his sometimes off-beat flow, freestyling his lyrics, sample choices and refusal to stop supplying fans with new Lil B music. That is why, when Lil B released his 2017 mixtape Black Ken, it was so strange because every aspect of the project was more thought-out than the usual Lil B release. The flow he used was his attempt to capture the inflection of an '80s rapper instead of his usual whatever-he-pleases, the lyrics seemed pre-written and the sample choices came from similar source material. This was the first Lil B mixtape where everything felt premeditated, and while it was shocking at first, it’s also part of the reason why an artist like Lil B is so uncommon. There are few artists where, at each release, you have no idea what the project will sound like-- the only other artist that comes immediately to mind in this type of scenario is Kanye West. This started to get me thinking about where Black Ken ranks in Lil B’s enormous discography. A discography filled with music that, at times, reaches a point where all you want to do is turn it off entirely, and at other times, it makes you want to share it with every single person you know, because you want to see how your peers react to the vast amount of creativity (and positivity).  

That is why we decided to rank the top 10 albums and mixtapes in Lil B’s discography, because over the past decade the BasedGod has given us an overwhelming amount of music worth discussing.  

Check it out.