Takeoff is the least-appreciated Migos, and for no good reason. He’s a Rapper, with a capital “R.” His rhyming is dexterous, his wordplay is sharp and he’s got the best natural delivery in the group. Sure, Offset is a more well-rounded presence on a track and Quavo is the melodic glue that holds it all together, but time and time again Takeoff has proven to be an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle. He’s more than just a stray “MAMA!” ad-lib or played out “Bad & Boujee” meme.

Younger than Quavo (his uncle) and Offset (his first cousin, once removed), the 23-year old most likely isn’t at the forefront of the Migos-craze because he chooses not to be. Even though Migos have been collectively creating hits and setting trends since Drake’s 2013 “Versace” remix (some of them, like “Fight Night” being entirely Takeoff’s doing), Quavo only recently started being valued for this talent like, what, last year, right? And then Offset was suddenly right on his heels, flexing his songwriting prowess after the accidental success of “Bad & Boujee.” With this sequence of events in mind, it only makes sense that Takeoff is taking the backseat to his relatives.

Migos seem to operate as a single unit - for the most part, each player plays their role to the best of their abilities, never stepping on each other’s toes stylistically or otherwise. And to give credit where it’s due, after “Bad and Boujee,” the group made sure set Takeoff up quite nicely with “T-Shirt” and “Call Casting;” the 2nd and 3rd singles for Culture. Their moves seem calculated; they cycle through and distribute opportunity fairly amongst themselves and when one of them makes moves beyond the group, the other two make sure to hold down the fort.

All this to say, we’re sure Takeoff’s time is around the corner. In 2017 alone, the supposed Year of Offset, Takeoff has managed to lowkey body a few dozen verses and it would be a shame if we undersold his value to the game. Like Offset this year and Quavo the year before, we’re sure the younger MC will tease his own feature/solo run during 2018.

Therefore, we decided to take a look at his top 15 verses of 2017.

Make sure to sound off below with any verses we may have missed from the Migos’ secret weapon.