Young Thug’s career has been in a limbo of sorts as of late.

There’s a strong argument to be made for Thug (and his ex-partner in crime, Rich Homie Quan) opening the mainstream floodgates for eccentric, elusive rapper-turned-crooners with multicolored dreads. However, the flipside of Thug’s initial position as an unflinching and wholly unique renegade is that his less polarizing counterparts - from the Travis Scotts to the Lil Uzi Verts - have reaped the benefits of his trials & tribulations. As he clearly continues to sharpen his technical ability and refine his overall songwriting, public interest in his once-daring and innovative ways seems to have wavered.

This could be due in part to the restraint he’s shown since his breakout run in 2015. After a slew of minor-to-major hits (“Stoner”; “Danny Glover”; “Lifestyle), Thug made rap more colorful, more exciting and more genre-fluid. In 2017, Thug’s artistry isn’t any less tantalizing, but his output is more calculated. Where his career was once a whirlwind of tragic leaks and overlooked mixtapes, there was only one full-length release this year and, even more surprising, only a handful of leaks. What we got instead were a series of strategic guest spots, clearly meant to highlight his ever-growing talent as a vocalist and fledgling songwriter in the pop realm. 

Thug has always been an impressively consistent artist, especially when considering his rate of output. But now that he’s pulled back on the reins a bit, it’s easier for folks like us to pinpoint just what makes him so poignant. His melodic blend of flavorful Southern rap and atmospheric late-90s R&B is now front and center, as are his elastic flows, dynamic vocals and lyrics that sway from slimey to disarmingly touching. Most every release he's attached his name to this year has felt purposeful. And, despite the lack of sheer volume, there are still numerous features and solo tracks worthy of note from this past year. 

So, without further delay, here are our Top 17 Young Thug Verses from 2017.