To Chris Brown, music is more than just a career - it's a part of his being. It's perhaps the only logical explanation to give about an artist that has been as prolific as he has, with seven studio albums, one collaborative album, eight mixtapes, movie soundtrack appearances, dozens of singles, unnumbered unreleased tracks, and countless features to his name. Constantly clocking in the overtime, there seems to be no stopping Breezy's frenetic pace for releasing music. In fact, he has upcoming eighth album Heartbreak on a Full Moon due on Halloween and has been keeping fans busy with teasers.

Born on May 5, 1989 in  Tappahannock, Virginia, soon-to-be multi-platinum record artist Christopher Maurice Brown first saw his vocal talents gain local attention before being cosigned by industry execs L.A. Reid and Tina Davis, the latter later taking up the mantle of being his manager. Brown officially signed to Jive Records in 2004 at age 15; a year later, he released first album, Chris Brown. Fast forward to 2017 and his legacy only continues to grow. His Spotify channel reaches about 17 million listeners per month and he's also one of the  Top Ten most popular artists in at least 17 U.S. states, according to Business Insider. In addition to all that, he founded his own imprint under Interscope Records, where other artists have come to him mentorship and guidance when it comes to their industry development.

Narrowing down the list to just top 25 classics could not have been more difficult. Breezy's large discography smashes through the dimensions of genres, and follows his evolution as an artist. Even more so, his path to success splinters off into mini-evolutions, showcasing the metamorphoses into the songwriter, the singer, and the rapper we know him as today. Each song played a part in his growth creatively and gives us a taste of his diverse musical influences. Unfolding the depth of his work not only traces back to the DNA of urban music before him but also cites the contributions of Gen Y to the blurring of genre distinctions and how we categorize songs in general. He stands as a prime example of how to produce successful contemporary crossovers, with his 10 years in the industry ranking him among the best in R&B, pop, hip hop, and dance, sometimes even as a hybrid of all of the above. This list seeks to capture an assortment of tracks that best parallels this complex, and complicated, artist.