When conversations of the GOAT come up, as they so often do in hip-hop discourse, it’s only a matter of time before somebody brings Eminem into the fold. And while Em's position as a hip-hop legend is unquestionable, there remain some who seek to detract for his legacy, citing questionable content or an inconsistent discography as problematic. However, there's no denying that insofar as songwriters go, Em has solidified himself as one of our generation’s most talented songwriters, spanning across any musical genre.

While his sheer lyrical proficiency may be his flashiest attribute, what really elevates Eminem is his ability to be at once offensive and insightful, to pen haunting narratives that resonate with listeners for days afterward, and most importantly, to paint himself as a fully developed character in the theater of his own life. The self awareness Em displays is all but unprecedented in hip-hop, and his honesty often makes for some of his mostcompelling material.

And while it's true that Eminem’s discography has suffered in the later years, that does not, and should not, take away from the brilliance of his prime. In making this list, the goal was to highlight some of Eminem’s most powerful moments as both a rapper and a writer. Over the course of these twenty five songs, take some time to really dive into the insane brilliance of Eminem, and don’t be surprised to find yourself laughing, crying, shivering, cringing, or simply nodding your head in approval.

And so, here are the top twenty-five Eminem songs of all time.