There's an unfortunate reality when it comes to Meek Mill's perception by the casual music observer: his name has often been in the headlines for reasons well outside his body of work. Between the memed-out beef with Drake, the high-profile relationship with Nicki Minaj, and the lengthy prison bid-- most recently, the news that he's, unfortunately, headed back-- there's been a lot of noise that's distracted from Meek Mill's actual music, which is a shame, because he's amassed a staggering catalog of great work.

About a decade into a mainstream run— with a further trove of music going back to his early teenage years— the Philly rapper has more than enough legitimately great music to cement him as one of the better lyricists out. The rich irony of Meek Mill being a punchline for some in recent years is that, in truth, he can rap circles around much of his competition— a frustrating fact that's been lost in much of the drama.

But beefs and other nonsense aside, Meek is a genuinely talented artist. A street rapper's street rapper, he has carried the Philadelphia torch for grit and realism when it comes to the description of his rise and what it took to get there. Armed with an intense, emphatic delivery, Meek has detailed the grim realities of life in Philly, often with a candor and honesty, that paints him a virtuoso storyteller.

With a fantastic ear for beats, and an expertly curated selection of features, Meek also knows how to make a hit. Hs catalog is laden with huge songs that have made him a radio mainstay, and when you combine that with a lyrical ability that even the most curmudgeonly rap aficionados can appreciate, you end up with one of the more complete artists out.

Able to put his name to several classic mixtapes, and with a solid run of studio albums to boot, Meek Mill can assemble a highlight reel that few in his class can match. When you cull the standouts from his diverse oeuvre, you get a list of songs whose makeup defines their creator: earnest, wholehearted, and triumphantly loud.

These are the top 25 Meek Mill tracks.