Since his major studio debut, Rick Ross has been a force.

Sure, we can point out several weak spots in his career, as is the case with most, but the level of consistency that the veteran emcee has displayed over the years has never waned. His sound has evolved, he's experimented with various cadences and tried to shift gears on his content focus in later years, but Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, displayed a gradual rise to prominence that saw its commercial peak between the years of 2010 and 2013.

Although he may no longer be at his peak popularity right now; it's hard for any artist to maintain the height of their popularity no matter their current stature, he's made sure to show growth, and thus his fanbase has had to evolve alongside him, or else be left in the dust from '09 bangers. 

Over the years we’ve basically been able to watch Renzel rise up from impressionable runner, to kingpin, to OG in this little game called Hip-Hop, and he’s accomplished it all with an imitable style-- there may be a dozen Future wannabes, and some may be close enough to simulate the real thing, but we've never had an artist really attempt to replicate the character that is Ricky Rozay. This is the same artist who gifted us with playlist mainstays such as “B.M.F.,” “Hustlin’,” and the famous “Maybach Music” series. With a keen and consistent ear for beats, he’s built a catalog that bears cohesiveness without the cliché of an overarching theme— a difficult task that has placed many of the South Florida-reared rapper’s contemporaries at a serious disadvantage.

With a catalog outfitted with 9 studio albums and 7 mixtapes, it could be hard trying to navigate the repertoire of the M-M-M-Maybach Music Group honcho. There are so many cuts that could easily represent the rags to riches narrative present through out Roberts’ impressive run, but for better or for worse, we’ve put together a list of songs from Rick Ross that define his career, and his best work to date. All the records belong to Rick Ross first, but may contain features.

What the following tracks represent are the unanimous highlights of each stage of Rick Ross, with some phases populating the mix more than others. We're looking to the records that not only represent some of Rick Ross' best musical output, but those that connected most immediately to his audience, and have left an impression in our collective memory, to this day.

Let us know if we missed a song that should've made the cut, as you surely will.

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