“Real soon.”

That’s when Astroworld is coming-- at least, back in August, it was.

Scott has played the pushback card before with the release of every new album. Viewing all of that in hindsight though, and having a trove of Travis content at our fingertips, I’ve realized that you’ve just gotta trust the process. Travis Scott is going to have incredible music. Travis Scott is going to have incredible merch. Travis Scott is going to have incredible videos. And Travis Scott is going to ride the coolest flying bird prop you’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact, Travis Scott is going to ride the only flying bird prop you’ve ever seen.

It’s also natural for Travis to use “real soon” because that’s what he himself has been hearing this whole time. Sure, some tell the tale that he ascended overnight (he didn’t), but at the same time Travis hasn’t necessarily had the means to accomplish all the things he envisions just yet. There’s a documentary clip of Travis at Mike Dean’s house in New York watching what we can assume to be a version of the “90210” music video. Travis gets bright eyed and leans forward on the couch, chains dangling, blunt in hand, and screams: “If we had bread dog!? Come on! We over here beggin’ niggas like ‘Dog, please, man, trust me!’”

Travis has always had the highest of aspirations, and it’s taken some time for those visions to manifest. That’s what the whole concept behind “birds in the trap,” signifies in the first place. Travis wants to sing, and he wants to fly free, but he feels enclosed. He wants autonomy, but he feels restricted. But while the ideas are enormous, they aren’t out of reach. Eventually we may actually see a La Flame performance entrenched within an amusement park. And hypothetically speaking, if Ye wins in 2020, Travis can basically do whatever the hell wants.

In the meantime, we can only fiend for La Flame’s upcoming release, and tune in/turn up to what we already have before us.

Here are top twenty five Travis Scott songs, although, it’s bound to change “real soon.”