Benjy Grinberg, President of Rostrum Records, first heard Wiz Khalifa from his contribution to a mixtape featuring various Pittsburgh artists back in 2004 and he immediately knew then what we all know now, which is that Wiz Khalifa is a star. At 16-years-old, Wiz Khalifa signed with Rostrum and embarked on a seven year artist development journey. One of the most notable moments of that journey is, of course, when Wiz signed a deal with the major label Warner Bros. in 2007, following the hype of his 2006 album Show And Prove. Warner Bros released his first official single "Say Yeah" in January 2008. Things would sour between Wizzleman and Warner Bros. by the time he was ready to release his second album, and although the single did an exceptional job on the charts and earned a young Wiz Khalifa his first RIAA plaque it is not necessarily the sound we've come to expect from Khalifa - it hit as more of a trendy, cross-over record - it did sample a Eurodance deejay after all. 

Even as the chapter between Wiz and Warner Bros. closed, another between Wiz and the world at large was beginning, thanks to the releases that soon followed, namely, Kush & OJ, which itself would lead to his next major label home: Atlantic Records, where he's remained to this day.

Tracks like "Say Yeah," despite it's club-heavy mood, is an important notch in Wiz's career, as he learned to satisfy the needs of the mainstream, something he's been able to do quite consistently since, while also developing his own unique sound and birthing a generation of artists after him. So many of the hits that populate Wiz Khalifa's catalog combine his knack for melodic flow with unique production, delivering an energy that's still very palpable, despite being a 24/7 stoner advocate. For our Top 25, we head back to the "Say Yeah" era up to present-day, to choose 25 of Wiz's top tracks from both cult songs to mainstream hits, this list packs a punch like a bong rip of KK.

As Wiz comes down from the undoubted high of his 30th birthday celebrations over the past weekend, take a look through below.