When I first made my Soundcloud account in 2012, there was not much on the site but DJ mixes and a subsection of rap obsessed with Anime. Most of the rap on the site was just kids making music over recycled beats found on the internet with terrible mics. What was beautiful about it was how, with little-to-no platform, it was a way to still find an audience. If your music was good, people would find it even if you were unsure how exactly it was happening, there was evidently an audience for everything. It also became a place where producers were able to thrive, and still do. Within the Soundcloud community, genre-specific groups made it truly special.    

Fast forward five years, and Soundcloud has become a platform infiltrated by the corporate side of the music industry with artists' connections being more important than the music. Alongside, we've seen how the platform has struggled on the business side as of late. We saw things begin to spiral when the company let go of 40% of their staff at the outset of July, continuing with reports that they wouldn't make it past 50 more days of activity in mid-July. Chance the Rapper and Young Thug teamed up in a valiant effort to help save (or promote) the platform, for a record which ultimately doesn't make this list, but deserves a mention nonetheless. Rumors of Soundcloud's death have been postponed, at least for now.

Soundcloud’s best days may not be behind it just yet though, even with all the business drama, and although that's definitely a valid concern. In the midst of turmoil it continues to pump out new viral stars (see: the last spot on this list). In addition to constantly breeding new rap stars, Soundcloud became the launching pad of now-legitimate stars such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Bryson Tiller, Post Malone and many others, who may make an appearance on this list.

While so many people are interested in the future of Soundcloud let’s take a look at the past - here are the top 25 Soundcloud Rap songs of all time.

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[Editor's Note: Playlist added, shout out Dice the Microphone]