Injuries are a part of sports. However, not all injuries are created equal, nor are reactions to injuries. No matter the sport, getting hurt is a risk. Swimmers get concussions from bumping their heads on walls during turns. Cheerleading may be just as dangerous as football. Whether competing as an individual or a team, there's always the chance of getting hurt. 

Every once in a while, an injury occurs that, as a spectator, you can't forget.

Back in high school, we played on real grass at the time and it was rainy. My team was covering a kickoff. The returner caught the ball and ran right. He planted his leg to cut and got caught in some wet ground. Just then, two of my teammates hit him and that was the time I witnessed a compound leg fracture. It required the ambulance to be driven out and something like a dozen surgeries for the player injured. I'll never forget the sound of him screaming helplessly on the field looking down at his leg essentially detached from his knee.

If you've ever witnessed a serious injury like this, it challenges your concept of what the body can and can't do and what happens when you push it the wrong way. Athletes can't consider these types of injuries happening or else it would distract from them being who they are on the field or court.  But the reality is that a slight change in foot placement could result in life-changing injuries when playing fast at a high level. For example, the NBA season opener between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics was marred by the shocking injury to newly-signed Celtics forward Gordon Hayward.

I was watching it live and when the cameraman zoomed in on him lying on the floor, and I saw the reactions of the other players on the court, I knew the image was something I could not un-see. That got me thinking: what are the gnarliest sports injuries I remember seeing happen in the field of competition? I've narrowed it down to five, which you can peep below.

Warning: video footage of these injuries contains graphic imagery.