Chief Keef dropped Finally Rich in 2012 when he was just 17-years-old and still very much in the streets. He had long been a household name in Chicago, and he was quickly blasted onto the national stage, where the response was not always welcoming. In the two years that followed, as he was dropped from Interscope and his productivity was further stunted due to ongoing legal troubles, his name stayed in the headlines, but his music didn't receive nearly the same clamoring response as his early tracks, like "I Don't Like," which has proved to have the longest shelf-life of any track off the GOOD Music Cruel Summer compilation. 

This year, thanks to a new label deal with a Greek billionaire, one that has given Sosa more independence and more support, Keef has made a big comeback, and he's now more consistent than he ever had been during his teenage years. He's also ignored all beefing and focused on getting more experimental and honing in his singular energy and sense of humor. 

Other rappers have started to take notice, too, as Keef has appeared on a number of high-profile releases. Here are his 5 best. The results may surprise you, as we've got one collab with his incarcerated mentor, one with a longtime 300 young bull, and two with a certain white rapper. 

Any collabs that we slept on? Let us know your favorite tracks of the year from the Almighty Sosa Batman.