Forget what you thought you knew about 21 Savage. The man has amassed a reputation as one of rap's most ominous figures, the silent assassin lurking in the shadows, waiting to slit your throat with his favorite (ISSA) knife. From The Slaughter Tape to Savage Mode, 21 Savage cultivated a persona synonymous with horror-film violence. Dude even has a knife tattooed on his forehead.

With the release of his recent project Issa Album, something seemed to change. 21 Savage seemed happy. Perhaps it was linking up with Amber Rose, or merely a response to his newfound commercial success. Either way, these feelings crept into his music, leading to some experimental vibes you'd never expect from Savage. 

It became clear that there was always a sensitive side to the rapper, even when he did his best to mask the pain. Like any true tortured artist, 21 Savage found inspiration in the unpredictable carnage of life. But deep down, it was clear he was looking for something more.

Here are five tracks that showcase a different, more sensitive side to the rapper who once vowed to "slaughter your daughter."