It’s finally here (again). As the clocks tick towards freedom from this claustrophobic year, Migos and Quality Control have yet to take their foot off the gas, promising to deliver a release from one of their artist’s nearly every week of the fourth quarter. As it applies to Migos, the first was Quavo’s solo debut, QUAVO HUNCHO. At the start of their careers, all three Migos seemed to be capable, technically proficient rappers, but as their collective stardom has continued to breach new heights, each rapper seems to have been assigned a distinct role within the outfit. Quavo became the singsongy pop whisperer, Offset a sharp-tongued jack of all trades, and Takeoff the sleeping giant, consistently teased as the group’s secret weapon.

While his album was panned to a certain degree for being too one-note, Quavo did indeed manage to deliver on the pop-rap promises of most of his post-Culture work by offering up some inspired moments of melodic pizzazz. And as the one often cited as the most “lyrical” member of Migos, it stands to reason then that Takeoff’s newly minted debut, The Last Rocket, should be brimming with memorable verses that showcase the oft-underappreciated vigor of the group’s youngest member. 

Truth be told, for us, Takeoff felt a bit restrained without the dynamic provided by his usual partners in crime, just as Quavo did on his outing. But there was still plenty to work with here as he revived old flows and tried out new concepts over a carefully curated selection of beats. We’ll let you decide if The Last Rocket lived up to expectations. But, in the meantime, here are our five favorite verses on Takeoff’s debut.