It’s about that time. The time of year where we start making lists: whether it is your holiday shopping to-do list, your personal gift wishlist, or your year-end music favorites, lists are bountiful this time of year. We’re kicking off List Season with the big one: our Top 50 Hottest Songs of 2018.

To create this list, we had to look at the past year of hip-hop through a magnified lense and from a bird eye’s view, changing our scope to ensure we cover all our bases. There are many factors we took into consideration for the songs that ranked in this year’s list, hotness, obviously, among them: regardless of the critical merits or lack thereof, we have to consider the general impact and breadth of any given song. How hot(tttt) was it? How did it affect the hip-hop community at large? However, we don’t limit ourselves to surface-level ideas such as hotness alone. We also consider the artistry of a song, the value and impact of that song on a smaller scale, one that might be offset to the mainstream scale. Our personal favorites are taken into consideration, as we have several meetings as a team discussing all the picks for this list. Finally, we want to think about the year as a whole and what music defined it.

In sum, it’s the 50 songs below. Now, be sure to @ us in the comments.


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We’ve also created a Spotify playlist with all of the Hottest Songs right here, if you want to revisit 2018 playlist-style. You’ll notice there are approximately two songs missings due to their lack of streaming service availability.

Now that List Season has begun, you can (surely) expect another year-end list from us on Monday...stay tuned!!