2017 was a wild ride. As part of our annual round-up, we like to take a look back as to what artists were popping the most on HNHH specifically. It puts the year into perspective. Still, some things never change, apparently. We've been doing this feature since 2013, and somehow, every single year, Drake claims #1. Remember 2014? Drizzy was our top artist. Remember 2015? Six God on top again. What about 2016??? Surely not 2016, too? Welp, Drake came out on top that year too. We truly thought that 2017 would be the year where Drake might take a backseat-- I mean, in terms of output and rap game focus, we were flooded with many new viral stars and the attention was displaced a bit from the Harbinger of Toronto Sounds. Yet, even so, Drake's reign could not be moved, and if we look at the relatively young age of our new generation of rap stars, too, it makes sense that Drake would stay heralded, these guys likely 'came up' listening to Drake. 

So, although the Era of Drake has yet to end, we've still been blessed this 2k17 with a lot of new sights and sounds, a lot of new music, and by extension, new artists to devour. Although Drizzy stays as the #1 biggest artist on our site for his fifth year in a row, the artists that follow suit have often fluctuated and changed, providing a greater insight as to who dominated internet conversations this year, as well as who our loyal users are checking for. We love you. 

This year, the numbers below reflect the combined total views for the associated artist's tag through out HNHH's pages-- whether it be pertaining to the flavor-of-the-day gossip news article you guys love to hate so much, or else the fire-ass song said artist just dropped. 

We limit this list to a top 15, however it's interesting to note that right behind Offset is his Migos' brethren, Quavo. This just goes to show that Offset truly did takeoff (ha) this year, despite Quavo's initial lead as *solo member to break out first.*

Also just missing out placement on this list, coming up right behind Quavo, we find Kodak Black, Cardi B, Lil Uzi Vert andGucci Mane.

Getting right to it though, check out the artists with the most views overall, when it comes to HNHH in 2017, below.


15. Offset - 3,444,808

14. Travis Scott - 3,713,013

13. Chris Brown - 4,178,136

12. Young Thug - 4,308,108

11. Kanye West - 4,309,220

10. XXXTentacion - 4,354,165

9. Meek Mill - 4,815,310

8. Eminem - 4,877,366

7. Kendrick Lamar - 5,885,917

6. Lil Wayne - 6,026,864

5. Jay-Z - 6,222,581

4. Future - 6,454,541

3. Migos - 7,428,505

2. Nicki Minaj - 8,420,553

1. Drake - 13,308,717