With the rise of social media, we can only wonder if artists would have the balls to say the things they say via Instagram and/or Twitter in real ass life. The social media age has made it all too easy for artists and the average person alike to throw shade whenever they please, and then, when things get a bit rough, hit 'delete.' Fortunately, most of the time, we catch it. Hey, it's entertaining for us, and distracts us from our mediocre lives. That being said, many of the beefs or feuds in the hip-hop industry take place without actual confrontation, via this great outlet called the internet. However, there are still a few traditional brawls, that involve actual physical hits. What's worse than stealing your girl? Stealing your chain of course.

Today we're breaking down the Top Beefs Of 2014, 16 to be exact. From Chris Brown's relationship problems, to Quavo of Migos' chain getting snatched, and T.I. swinging at Floyd Mayweather, here's the year in review.