We've been watching you, watch us all year. The result is our yearly run-down of site users who make our job that much more entertaining, and sometimes, a little bit stressful too. Every day we go in on content delivery, whether it's pure hip-hop, entertainment news or the latest Kardashian gossip (sorry, not sorry), you guys gobble it up with equal parts glee and detest, so it seems. We see your comments when we finally get that "right" piece of original content out, and we see your comments when you're upset about "ANOTHER" Drake post. We're looking forward to seeing even more of them in 2019, and we're kicking it off right, with our annual awards.

We know you guys have been fiending for these, so without further adieu. 

Rookies of the Year

With a new year, comes new trolls. Every day, in fact, we encounter a commenter we haven't come across before. Sometimes these are readers who make a new account to simply comment one time. In fact, reader Imani Rivera appeared to do just that. On December 22, 2018, we reported on Cardi B's explanation of a photo that had been circulating the net, showing her and Offset together on a jet-ski (the article was titled: Cardi B Explains Jet Ski Photo With Offset: "I Just Had To Get F-cked"). On December 23, Imani Rivera popped up-- to the defense of Cardi B alone-- and proceeded to dole out responses to the many commenters coming for Cardi's neck. We've haven't heard from her since.

There are some rookies though, who take their job seriously. We've got a few new faces in the troll game this year. Will they be able to maintain consistency in 2019? This is one of the most important factors in the troll game: to be constant and swift in your trolling. It seems like a very time-consuming task. We'll have to see how these rookies fare in 2019.


Every day, Avril offers up some motivational and empowering words for the female demographic. She's recognizable by her crazy cat-lady photo. While her motifs and ideas often get repeated ("Look but don't touch boys," appears to be a favorite, while her go-to emojis are the strong arm and the rainbow emoji-- she's also an advocate for LGBTQ), there's no denying she is dedicated to her role, even others have noticed.

Alex Zidel (aka Z Blood)

Alex Zidel (aka Z Blood) is not to be confused with our staff writer, Alex Zidel, although he may want it. If a troll gets out of hand, attacking another individual or maliciously antagonizes one of our writers, well, then it's quick K CYA. But, we've enjoyed Z Blood's comments (mostly...) and hot takes on any and every article, and even his avatar, which is probably what he thinks our real Alex looks like?? FYI, he doesn't, but we'll let you live.

Alex Zidel (of the Z Blood variety) also appears to have a beef with Triple OG

I fucked Marcy Son😘😘

I fucked Marcy Son is a troll with a mission. This user, who previously went by the name Cereal Killer, switched tacts recently and it seems to be working. I fucked Marcy Son now obsesses over another user, you guessed it-- Marcy Son. We're not really sure why, or what sparked this, but we've enjoyed reading the interactions between the two (although, they are pretty one-sided).


Most Loyal Commenters 

These are among our most dedicated users. This isn't your standard troll trope-- which has, as you can clearly see, been done and re-hashed time and time again on HNHH. No, not these guys. While we can't confirm these are real people with real opinions (we did not go visit them IRL), we like to think that they are. These are users who have offered their insight, opinions, and general peanut-gallery-style commentary on our content year in, and year out. These guys have seen the site evolve and change over the years, they've stuck with us through thick and thin. They've managed to keep their user profile intact the whole time, too. 


Lageon's account has been active since 2013, and you've likely seen us shout out him in years' past of the annual trolls/users round-up. Well, he's back in the list again this year, thanks to his consistent commentary. 

Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks has been commenting with the same profile since 2015, and we've heralded him in the past as well. He'll often slide into the comment section to offer an opinion or simply respond to the content in question-- which is meaningful when there are trolls vying for comments that have nothing to do with the post. 

Bender Bending Rodriguez

We've saluted Bender Bending Rodriguez in the past because his username is the best/we love Futurama, but this year, we salute him for his loyalty, with six years strong of commenting on the site.

Playboy X 

Last, but certainly not least, we're recognizing the commentary of Playboy X, a mainstay since at least 2015. He's not a big instigator, he's generally not rude or disrespectful, and he comments a lot.

Most Valuable Commenters

Continuing to move away from those pesky trolls for the moment, we're happy we have readers like these on the site. Again, we can only vouch for them insofar as we read their comments, but often, they seem to put real thought behind what they're saying, or at least, the thoughts themselves seem genuine.


KeepTheSameEnergy definitely lives by his name, in the sense that he maintains positive and consistent energy on the site. His comments often go beyond a simple word or sentence, as he often tries to dig into stories a bit further than the surface level.

K129 -TW:@kp129music-Beatmaker

K129 also belongs in our Loyal Commenter category, as a reader who has been with us since 2013. Throughout that time, he's remained steadfastly not a troll. He's just an observer and enjoyer of the culture and acts accordingly in the comments. We appreciate it.


Made_To_Post makes a return appearance from last year, after another year of real and respectful hip-hop discussions, dissections, and comments on HNHH.

Only Real HipHop Can Last

This user's name tells us what you need to know about him-- he's here for the hip-hop, and that makes up the majority of his commentary. Whether it's debating OGs or newcomers alike, he often gets into the mix in the comment section with his opinions.

Troll Wars of the Year

This year, we saw a few different trolls go head-to-head in our comment section. In order to have an effective troll beef, you really need both parties to be in it for the long haul. These beefs in particular stood out this year.

Future The Trashman - Ethered Young Thugs Teeth VS. ðŸYoung Thug's Teeth🐐

You've likely seen both their usernames as you scroll mindlessly through articles, at one point or another. This beef has been long brewing, and you know it's real when it's literally part of a username. Still, anyone can get it from Future The Trashman-- he's been known to stir trouble, talk shit, and generally maintain a negative attitude on the site, whether it's targeting a staff writer, an artist (he lovingly refers to Nicki Minaj as "Trashwoman") or Young Thug's Teeth. The question remains, though, did Future The Trashman really ether Young Thug's Teeth? We'll let you be the judge.

Tyrone from Myspace VS. Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 👁🌎👽🐐

These two target each other daily. It's true, Deathstroke can get on many a nerve-- his incessant and overblown love for all things Chris Brown is well-documented in our comment section, however, there seems to be a special place in their respective hearts to annoy each other, for whatever reason (I've yet to figure out). Whether it's random one-off comments or responses to each other, they've kept this beef alive and well on just about every page of HNHH.

Multiple Accounts Alert

Yep, we're doing it. We're calling out the users below for owning multiple accounts under the same or all-too-similar usernames. Do these numbers/users surprise you?

Future The Trashman - Ethered Young Thugs Teeth

Currently, there are seven different Future The Trashman - Ethered Young Thugs Teeth accounts up and running. 

🐐Young Thug's Teeth🐐

Future The Trashman's favorite beefing partner is another suspect of multiple accounts. There are a total of three currently active with his moniker.

Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 👁🌎👽🐐 

Everyone's favorite, Deathstroke, has an abundance of accounts under his name, although many are variations of the Deathstroke handle. There are currently seven active accounts, while just as many have been banned and disabled.

Most Annoying Stans

We don't need to say much here. These are among the most annoying users on HNHH, going to bat for their artist of choice anywhere and everywhere, even when it's unwarranted/irrelevant. Clearly, the Most Annoying Stan of the Year is Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 👁🌎👽🐐, but he's got a few competitors vying to be even more annoying than he is. See for yourself below.

Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 👁🌎👽🐐 - CHRIS BROWN

With Chris Brown's recent musical return, you can guarantee that Deathstroke is putting in work OVERTIME. Dude can write entire novels in the defense of CB in our comment section.

King Slime Mob Boss Drake 🦂🦉⍥v⍥ - DRAKE

It's HNHH, so obviously we've got some dedicated and enthusiastic Drake fans on the site, but King Slime Mob Boss Drake (who has gone through various Drake name variations) is among the biggest.

Note: We did post a two-page article on the painting.

Pnd Durag goat aka Simulation Theory - PARTYNEXTDOOR

It's quite the task to stan for an artist who has not released new music for basically three years, but Pnd Durag gets the job done, occasionally extending his super-fandom to Drake and Young Thug. He's a returning Stan, like Deathstroke, from last year's list.

Top 5 Most Liked Comments of the Year

Shout out these five users for racking up the most Likes on their respective comments in 2018. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the pieces of content all have to do with beef or death. Presented from least, to most.

5. Playboy X 

4. ISIS 

3. elf Dot. 

2. Jeezy 

1. Alex Gayle 

Top 10 Users with the Most Comments of the Year

From least to most, these are the users who went to work with their keyboard this year. We see a couple of repeat offenders from last year's list, including Slimjesus and Playboy X. Some of these users no longer have an active account-- but that's what happens when you comment incessantly, and sometimes outrageously-- you'll get yourself reported, and eventually, banned.

10. International Bully Bout Dat Travel - 2,479

9. Hip-Hop L Delivery Guy - 2,827 (although his original account is disabled, he's got this one up and running)

8. laugeel - 2,831

7. YeTheGoatt - 2,868 

6. Playboy X - 3,727

5. Slimjesusthatnigga - 4,153

4. Deathstroke | INDIGO 2019 👁🌎👽🐐 - 5,851 (while his OG account appears banned, fear not, he made a new one)

3. Marcy Son - 6,068

2. Blessed Eskimo | 🏆 | Free Shotti - 6,940

1. Triple OG (SKINS aoty CONTENDER) - 7,215 (another instance of an account being disabled, yet he still persists to this day with a freshly-made account, in one form or another)

Most Reported Comments of the Year

Is it a coincidence that three  out of five of these users seem to be Chris Brown stans, referencing him either in their username directly or in their avatar? Hot take: It's all Deathstroke. These are the top five users who racked up the largest amount of Reported comments on the site.

5. Aaron Amoako Andy 

4. Beautiful Face Stroke Polar Bear


2. Prometheus | INDIGO 2019 👁🌎👽🐐 

1. Bizarre N “Creepy” Rugged 

Where Are They Now?: Troll Edition

Herm Edwards 

Good ol', faithful Herm Edwards. Or so we thought. His prime was circa 2013 and 2014, making our yearly feature both times. He wasn't the most outrageous character, but he was a reliable and consistent commenter. 

Shang Tsung 

This is one of several Shang Tsung accounts. An OG.

Steph Curry with the Shot 

Although Steph Curry with the Shot all but disappeared from our c-section, he used to go in-- and he's got 10 accounts with the same name, to prove it.


Blender used to stir up trouble where he went, purposefully and tactfully. He had five accounts with the Blender moniker to ensure the job was done. His team of trolls eventually grew to include Blender's Mom, Blender's Sister, Blender's UncleBlender's Blender Bottle-- and one unfortunate day, Blender's Killertoo.


LORD PILLS is another infamous troll who often left a disaster of comments in his wake. He too ended up with a sizeable family of trolls to help in his bidding, including,Lord Pills' DadLord Pills Angry Momma and Lord

Even if you didn't make this list, WE APPRECIATE YOU!! We have a lot of commenters and it would be impossible to shout out every single one. We're wishing every single one of you, even Deathstroke, a very blessed and prosperous new year. From the entire HNHH staff 💖.