With VIEWS out in the world and disappointing the majority of those who heard it, there's now a new music void that many rushed to fill this past week as summer rapidly approaches. Desiigner's "Panda" and Drizzy's "One Dance" are still frontrunners for the "song of the summer" title, but there's plenty of time for new entries to rise and compete with them.

This week's Top Tracks list may be lacking a bit of the star power that past weeks' editions had, but perhaps due to peoples' fatigue with Drake and Beyoncé, there are a ton of new entries that come from all corners of the rap game. Only two tracks from last week's list remain, and if you keep up with these weekly posts, you should be able to guess what one of them is (hint: it's had by far the longest streak of consecutive appearances in recent memory). Are any of these big enough to steal the crown from "One Dance" or "Panda"? Probably not, but it's good to see people branching out and not just keeping their ears on the radio.

10. Tory Lanez - Unforgetful (Prod. by London On Da Track)

Tory's return to his Fargo Fridays series has yielded several big hits on our Top Ten charts, and last week's entry was no exception. Pairing up with ATL stalwart London On Da Track, Lanez delivers a slow-burner dedicated to his "weekend lady," finding him decidedly more on his R&B steez than his rapping one. "Unforgetful" debuts at #10.

9. Chris Brown - Grass Ain't Greener

Despite releasing Royalty just a few months back, Chris Brown's already got another full-length, Heartbreak On A Full Moon, on the way. He dropped "Grass Ain't Greener," the album's first single, on his 27th birthday, and in just four days it's already racked up 2.5 million views on YouTube. Is it better than anything on the last album? That's for you to decide. "Grass Ain't Greener" grabs the #9 spot in its first week.

8. Fetty Wap Feat. Kid Ink - Roll Sum Up

Although he has yet to notch a definite radio hit in 2016, Fetty Wap's continued to release music at a consistent clip this year, all via loosies rather than new projects. This duet with Kid Ink (side note: where's he been lately?) is the latest one to leak, and it's definitely among his catchiest recent tracks. "Roll Sum Up" debuts at #8. 

7. Lil Wayne - Do It Again (Mastered) (Prod. by Streetrunner)

One of only two tracks making repeat appearances on our Top Tracks list this week, StreetRunner's fourth track liberated from the Carter III sessions is a doozy, as usual. Is it the last one he's got hiding in the vaults? Only time will tell. "Do It Again" is up one spot from last week.

6. Tory Lanez - For Real

As Tory's fond of doing, he flexed the two sides of his skill set in the two tracks he dropped last week. "Unforgetful" was definitely on the R&B tip, and "For Real," which Tory himself produced alongside Droc and Play Picasso, is a harder-hitting banger, although auto-tune is still very prevalent. People seemed to be feeling this one a bit more, as it makes its debut at #6.

5. 50 Cent Feat. Chris Brown - No Romeo No Juliet

When was the last time Fiddy showed up on this list as a lead artist? He did make a guest appearance on high-charting YG track "I Wanna Benz" last year, but you'd definitely have to go back at least six months from that to find a solo track that made the cut. A good deal of "No Romeo No Juliet'"s success can be credited to Chris Brown, who may actually go harder on the mic than Fiddy here? The new track debuts at #5.

4. Nipsey Hussle - Ocean Views (Prod. by Mike & Keys & DJ Khalil)

Nip came back in a big way two weeks ago with his "Thug Life" collab with Young Thug, which hit #7 on last week's list, and his latest has made even more of an impact. "Ocean Views" is more traditionally Nipsey-sounding, with a wavy beat that matches its title and an infectious hook. It debuts at #4.

3. Young Thug Feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Dope

In its whopping seventh consecutive week on our charts, Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert's "Dope" matches its previous peak of #3. This unofficial, most likely unfinished joint has been unavailable to stream for weeks, but people are still clearly searching for it.

2. Fabolous - Panda (Remix)

Loso just couldn't let an NY rap record go number one without dropping some bars on it. His "Panda" remix is only a hair longer than 90 seconds, but people were still very curious to hear what he'd come up with on the country's number one record. We'd guess that a few repeat listens of the brief track is what made it debut at #2.

1. Birdman - Respek

Say what you will about Birdman, but the man knows how to market. He's flipped what could've been a disastrous appearance on The Breakfast Club into a viral success, selling shirts with "Respek" on them and even jockeying the new catchphrase into a track of its own, which as you can see from its #1 debut this week, was not a bad idea at all. "Respek" only garnered a 65% user rating, but people were clearly intent on clicking on it for one reason or another.