Rich The Kid's fiancee Tori Brixx found herself in a scary situation this week after becoming a victim in yet another home invasion, TMZ reports. Brixx was reportedly one of 15 to 20 partygoers who found themselves face to face with armed robbers who ran off with $100K worth of property. Fortunately, no one was injured. 

Law enforcement said that there was a party being hosted at a rental home in the Los Angeles area this week when Tori was among several alleged victims in a home invasion. The incident occurred earlier this week around midnight. Police said six men wearing masks made their way in through a back entrance and held the party up. The reports claim that they were armed and demanded valuable goods like jewelry and phones, as well as cash. Five purses were stolen from the property. 

Tori was reportedly at the rental home celebrating her friend Darlene's birthday. Moments before the robbery, she reportedly shared video of the shindig on her IG story. 

Police confirm that they haven't made any arrests so far, though they are still investigating. Authorities are reviewing footage and are seeking more clues to help them with their investigation.

This arrives nearly two years after Tori Brixx was targetted alongside Rich The Kid in a home invasion where both suffered injuries.