The Greater Toronto Area literally became GTA yesterday. In the wake of a heated crime spree. Four men, including two rappers by the name of Casper TNG and K Money, have since been arrested for a combined tally of nearly one hundred charges. The complete list of charges can be found here, via the Toronto Police. It's difficult to discern what prompted the sudden crime spree, which took place on Wednesday May 30th, but the report paints quite an intense picture. Here's how it appeared to break down, according to the police report.

An officer observed a vehicle with four men sitting idle, wearing clothing that seemed to be hiding their identities. The officer went on to call for backup, when one of the men left the vehicle holding a firearm. The man went on to fire into traffic and pedestrians, luckily hitting nobody. After firing, the man hopped back in the vehicle, and the police proceeded to give pursuit. After the vehicle was surrounded by cops, the driver rammed into one of the police cars, severely damaging it. He than proceeded to drive into a police officer; once again, no serious injuries were obtained.

After running a red light, the vehicle proceeded to collide with a taxi, before driving against oncoming traffic down Dundas Street East. Once again, the renegade vehicle collided with yet another taxi, while thankfully missing pedestrians. Eventually, the driver lost control, and all four men left on foot. They were eventually apprehended and brought in for questioning. Police found two loaded firearms in the vehicles.

While the original report doesn't identify the rappers by their pen names, the men arrested are as follows: Shakiem Anderson, Harlem Baldwin, Sharrieff Muhammad, Kareemallah Muhammad. Sharrieff Muhammad's Tidal credits reveal him as Casper TNG, while Kareemallah Muhammad goes by K Money. The latter was previously charged in a human trafficking investigation, back in March. Both rappers had amassed a following in their local scene; no doubt, those days have come to a decisive end.

Thankfully, nobody was injured in this insane crime spree. As of yet, information of motive is scarce. Suffice it to say, it's wild right now in the 6ix.