Desperate to pass the time during the ongoing quarantine, Tory Lanez embarked on an eight-hour Instagram Live odyssey stacked with twerking females, celebrity cameos, and one hundred percent unfiltered antics. Yet amidst the debauchery and gyration, Tory found himself connecting with Bugatti Biebs himself, the one and only Justin Bieber.

Upon seeing the Canadian pop icon, Lanez opens the floor with a preface. "I want everybody to know something real quick before I even say anything," begins Lanez. "Bieber was the first person before [Big] Sean to ever ever ever ever notice me." "I showed Sean!" says Beiber, beaming with pride. "I noticed you when you were doing rap battles in Toronto."

Justin Bieber Tory Lanez

"The first tour I ever seen in life was the Justin Bieber My World tour," says Tory, rolling up a blunt. Upon asking Bieber how he's doing, Justin confirms that he's back home in Canada, while Tory reveals he's been situated in Miami. "I'm trying to stay safe, shit is crazy out here," says Lanez. "I'm lowkey kinda scared, but I'm trying to stay safe." Ever the soothing presence, Biebs looks to the bible for guidance -- or rather asks his wife Hailey to hook him up with the appropriate psalm. "What does it say about fear, babe?" he asks. "Bro, it talks about not being afraid in the bible, I don't know what verse it is."  

Bieber reveals that he's been keeping busy by playing video games and watching movies. "You're the best man," says Bieber, signing off. "Have an awesome rest of the day...Remember bro, I've always supported you and I'll always support you." Tory returns the bro-love tenfold, saying "you are the fuckin best, I love you to death my n***a, I'll never stop loving you no homo, you already know what is it."