A few days back, fans were salivating at the thought of a beef between Royce Da 5'9" and Tory Lanez. The narrative was especially tantalizing given the brief yet heated back and forth between Tory and Joyner Lucas, which yielded four new tracks in the spirit of healthy competition. Unfortunately, this one was different from the jump. It seemed borne from a place of animosity rather than sportsmanship, with Tory taking shots at Nickle's age and lyrical ability, before telling him to "suck [his] dick." Of course, his Denzel-in-Training-Day-esque outburst did not sit well with Royce, who proceeded to give an ominous warning.

Today, however, it would appear that both sides have found common ground. Tory took to Twitter to reveal that the pair have indeed had a "productive conversation," which ultimately led to a favorable conclusion. "We good," writes Tory, opting to play his cards close to his chest. As of right now, Royce has yet to respond on his own social media. 

Of course, it's great two see the artists squash what might have escalated into a very real beef. Yet the greedy fan in myself, and likely many others, will likely lament that we never got a diss track from either party. For now, the hypothetical debate between who might have emerged victorious will be the talk of campfires for some time. Who might would you have bet on?