This past year has been a wild ride for Tory Lanez. For one, he closed out a long-running major-label contract with the release of The New Toronto 3, segueing into independence on the highest note an artist can muster. Next, he helped dull the sting of COVID blues with his instantly iconic "Quarantine Radio," a twerk-laden and occasionally lactose-heavy extravaganza whose slogans and boisterous ad-libs will forever stand within our hearts. 

Tory Lanez

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 

It wasn't uncommon to see Tory's "Quarantine Radio" scoring big-league viewing numbers, despite the Instagram powers-that-be keeping an ever-watchful eye on the increasingly risque content. For many bored citizens, Tory's escape into debauchery became a daily highlight, a haven of rappers and Instagram models alike. The followers steadily began to climb, a healthy mix of genuine fans and newcomers wooed by his endearing personality and distinguished taste.

Now, Tory has officially hit a new milestone on social media, securing himself ten million Instagram followers and hopping online to pen a message of gratitude. "THANK YOU FOR 10 MILLION FOLLOWERS!" he begins. "My fans ain’t nothing to play with. I love y’all more than y’all love me!!!" Congratulations to Tory Lanez for continuing to build, a process that he swears has yet to yield his best material. Look for his upcoming three-album run, which includes an 80s project, an acoustic project, and a Spanish project, in the near future.