With the release of his latest single, "Temperature Rising,"Tory Lanez officially became an independent artist, and he couldn't be more thrilled. For nearly five years, Tory was signed to Interscope Records, after locking down a deal with the label in July of 2015. However, following the release of his last mixtape,  The New Toronto 3, Tory had officially fulfilled all of his contractual obligations with Interscope, and was finally able to release music solely under his own imprint, One Umbrella Records. Once May hit, Tory announced that his first independent single would be arriving on May 15th, and now that that day is here, he can finally celebrate being a free agent.

"I waited and calculated for 4 years TO BE MY OWN BOSS," he wrote on a screenshot of the "Temperature Rising" single on Apple Music, with the "One Umbrella Records" credit circled in red. "I OWN all my masters / publishing / royalties etc ... This may not mean nothing to y’all . BUT SEEING MY RECORD LABEL AT THE BOTTOM UNATTACHED to a Major label is what we have worked this hard for ... #TemperatureRising ON EVERY MAJOR PLATFORM OUT NOW !!!" He also mentions that "the video for this should have been a porno," so keep an eye out for that.

tory lanez independant temperature rising one umbrella records imprint celebration interscope recordsRoy Rochlin/Getty Images

Last month, Tory revealed that he'd received "life-changing offers" from a ton of different labels since parting ways with Interscope, but that he has no interest in signing with anyone new. "I don't care," he said. "I already own my masters and publishing and everything. So I don't see any reason to give that to somebody else." Congrats on being a free agent Mr. Lanez.