Instagram is always the go-to place to act goofy, and Tory Lanez decided to have a little fun recently with some of the homies with a little social media dance challenge.

The move of choice proved to be a standard one, with Tory opting for a simple spin. While it's something we've seen many stage-rocking entertainers pull off over the years, none have done it quite as legendary as the King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Now, we're not saying Tory Lanez hit a spin that comes anywhere close to comparing to MJ, but we do think it was sturdy enough to at least make the late music icon proud. The Chixtape 5 all-star made things even more interesting by enlisted a few challengers to one-up him, directly tagging Casanova, Fivio Foreign along with his crew TDott Woo and Mr Swipey, Diddy's sons Christian and Justin Combs, Big Larry and finally the social media dance king himself Shiggy. So far Cas has already accepted, responding by writing, "😩ITS ONNNNNNN." Let the battles begin!

Check out Tory Lanez's new single titled "Broke In A Minute" below, which is the official soundtrack for this challenge at the moment: