Tory Lanez has become the most popular man on all of Instagram as of late thanks to his Quarantine Radio series which sees plenty of women shaking their assets on IG Live. Quarantine Radio has become an institution for fans to congregate to during this pandemic and the hard work has been paying off for the Toronto artist. Lanez recently dropped New Toronto 3 this past week and so far, it is expected to sell between 55-60K units.

Some haters have been saying these numbers are way too low although one man disagrees. A music marketing guru by the name of Noah Miller recently took to Twitter to explain how Lanez is actually thriving when you consider how streams are down due to the pandemic. Lanez saw the tweets and rushed to IG where he made sure to let the haters know just how influential Quarantine Radio is.

"I don’t know who this “Noah Miller” guy is ... but he speaking facts . Just for insight #TheNewToronto3 is a mixtape .. and those are my first day predictions which can fluctuate thru out the week," Lanez said. "When chixtape 5 dropped they projected 48-55k units .. it later that week had 90 MILLION streams and sold 86,000 units."

Needless to say, Tory is quite confident about his brand-building abilities and we don't blame him one bit. He has been dominating the social media discourse these days and you can't help but commend him for it.