A recent conversation between Tory Lanez and Joe Budden became a hot topic for the ladies of The Real. While the friends were chatting on an episode of Budden's Pull Up, Tory mentioned that when certain women ask him to purchase something for them, he has a unique response. "I have this line with women when they're like, 'Can you buy me this?" he said. "'Shorty, I thought you was up. You can't buy yourself that?' If you can't buy yourself that, you can't f*ck with my tax bracket. Period. If you can't buy a Gucci bag, you can't f*ck with me in my tax bracket."

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The comments quickly went viral and the public's reactions were a mixed bag, but Tory clarified his statements during his visit to The Real on Thursday. He said he wasn't suggesting that men shouldn't buy women presents, but it all depends on the context. "I come with a vibe. If I meet somebody, we’re vibing out and we know each other and it’s gotten to a certain point where we have that kind of rapport with each other, it’s no problem for me to shower you with things if you’re my girl and you're somebody I look at like that," he said.

Yet, if the woman is just someone he met during a night on the town and took her home for a little fun, she shouldn't expect him to drop stacks on her because they had a "night of passion." Tory added, "If we’re at the club and me and this lady have a night of passion, all of a sudden it shouldn’t just be right for me to ask her for anything either or for her to ask me for anything. It’s like for instance, I’m sure everybody here, I'm sure you guys are very independent, accomplished women. So, let's say you meet this dude at the club and he looks like the guy that you want him to look like, y'all have a night of passion whatever the case is and it goes the way you want it to go. Is it alright, the next morning for the guy, knowing your status and he doesn’t have your status, for him to look at you like, ‘Now, that I laid it down can I get a car?’ That’s what I’m touching on. I feel like there’s a norm in our industry." 

Watch his explanation in full below.