This COVID-19 quarantine has made hundreds of thousands of people do things that they may have never done before. People have learned new recipes, studied a foreign language, and maybe even connected with their families in new ways. Some have decided to switch up their looks while locked indoors, including Tory Lanez who shared a photo of a new look.

Tory Lanez
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

The Shade Room shared a photo of Tory Lanez that showed the rapper with short individual braided extensions in his hair. In the picture, he's covering his mouth and written over the image is "Wow I Can't Believe." Well, neither can the rest of the world because comments poured in by the thousands. Some people were serious as they told the singer that those types of extensions can pull out his real hair permanently, but his good friend Tyga couldn't help but poke fun at the hairstyle.

"I didn’t give out the plug for this🧐," Tyga commented. If you remember, Tyga visited a doctor some time ago to get his hairline restored, and Tory Lanez shared last year that the rapper gave him the name of the doctor so he could get himself lined up. Check out Tory Lanez's new look and let us know how long you think this one is going to last.