Following the fifth chapter of his ongoing Chixtape series, Tory Lanez has opened the door to his process with an extensive new documentary: CHIXDOC. The first episode begins with a bold declaration from the Canadian artist, who deems Chixtape to be the biggest R&B series release of the past decade -- to be fair, it's entirely possible that the man has a point. Framed against live concert footage and behind-the-scenes studio content, it's evident that episode one of the Chixdoc series (directed by Midjordan & Tory Lanez) boasts plenty of production value. At one point, Tory even tries his hand at some production, his keywork so enticing it elicits a spirited cry of "BUMBACLAT!" 

 Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

"The Chixtapes are a series of R&B-themed projects," he continues, laying out his vision. "The Chixtape 1 was to sound like early eighties. Chixtape 2 was to sound like the late-eighties. The Chixtape 3 was supposed to sound like the early-mid nineties. The Chixtape 4 was supposed to be late nineties, which brings us to Chixtape 5." As we know, the acclaimed project played out like a homage to the early millennium, and it's exciting to see his behind-the-scenes creative process at work.

As a banger blasts through the studio monitors, Tory reflects on what truly makes an R&B track standout. "The adlibs at the end of the R&B are the most important thing over everything," he maintains. "Nothing is more important than when a n***a just start singing that shit." He also expresses the importance of R&B, reiterating that people "always need songs about positivity and love and heartbreak, things that make them feel a certain way." 

Check out the full episode of the CHIXDOC, a must-watch for Tory fans, below. What is your favorite installment of the Chixtape series?