It's been long reported, T-Pain was holding unreleased tracks with Gucci Mane, Tory Lanez and countless other A-list performers, but yesterday marked the first somebody other than himself, bolstered those claims. Yesterday evening, Tory Lanez posted an Instagram video showing him pal'ing out with T-Pain with one purpose in mind: to announce (by name) a new song off his forthcoming Chixtape 5 project.

According to the Torontonian, the song he's referring to incorporates an all-important sample from T-Pain's 2015 hit "I'm Sprung." This isn't the first time Tory Lanez added a seminal record to his sample board. The most notable exception occurred in 2016 when he borrowed from Tanto Metro and Devonte's "Everyone Falls in Love" in penning his breakout hit "LUV." But in this case, Tory Lanez sought approval before going forward. T-Pain's reaction was priceless. "Hardbody," he yells in the extended clip following the announcement. "Oh my God, somebody get CSI: Miami on the phone. There's a body on the street."

For those who don't know, "I'm Sprung" was the song that broke the camel's back for T-Pain. DJ Felli Fel, currently with Power 106 in LA, is largely credited with getting the song into rotation. As of this writing, Chixtape 5 is in the production phase. Keep it locked for more intel, when it becomes available.