To call Tory Lanez' latest album Daystar controversial would be an understatement -- in fact, few projects have sparked such a passionate response, with think pieces across the internet highlighting the reasons as to why it's both predatory and dangerous. All the while, loyal fans have taken the opportunity to rally behind Tory, appreciating his perspective. And while Tory had spent years building up a healthy relationship with many prominent rappers, many of those very same openly criticized his decision to release Daystar so near the Breonna Taylor case verdict.

Tory Lanez Daystar

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With his reputation and standing in the hip-hop hierarchy in the crossfires, Tory took to Instagram to share his reasoning behind releasing Daystar on September 25th. As he explains, the day serves as the death anniversary of his late mother Luella, who passed away when the rapper was eleven. "9/25 my mothers birthday , the day she passed away , the day the album dropped," he writes, his last Instagram post as of this writing.

While it's clear as to why the day holds much significance to Lanez, it's unlikely that this revelation will quell the anger of his critics. For the most part, the feelings surrounding Tory have yet to change -- those loyal will stay loyal, and those critical will stay critical. Perhaps, should further details from that fateful night emerge in a court of law, a clearer picture will be painted and new conclusions can be reached. In the meantime, all we have is what has been presented by both parties.