To somebody unaware of the situation, it may have looked as though Tory Lanez was punching an innocent fan at his recent concert. While there are two sides to every story, it was initially assumed that whatever happened in the crowd when Tory went berzerk on an attendee must have been pretty bad. As always, details are starting to break out about what actually caused the fight and, according to Tory himself, the man he punched wasn't really much of a fan.

The Canadian singer took to his Instagram account to clear up everything since the video showing him attacking a fan went viral. He started his monologue, "I just wanna address something I've seen today. I go on the blogs and I see 'Tory Lanez swung at a fan and fouled off on a fan at his concert last night.' I want y'all to understand two things. Number 1: there's a difference between someone who comes to your show as a fan and somebody who comes to your show to cause you a problem and to cause you bodily harm." The second thing Tory had on his mind was his crowd-surfing habit. Anybody who's ever been to a Tory Lanez show knows that he regularly crowd surfs and walks on top of the audience. Quite the daredevil, one of the people in attendance likely took that as their cue to try something on Tory, causing the scuffle to occur in the first place. Of course, since it was a concert, everybody had their phones out and captured the moment.

It's still unclear what the concertgoer was doing to provoke Tory but it seems to have been enough to get him to foul off. Check out his explanation below.