Tory Lanez has undoubtedly been collecting some big bags in the past few years. Between his relentless tour schedule to songwriting for other artists and the number of feature verses he's dropped, the rapper has been on a steady grind. Unfortunately, the age-old saying "Mo Money, Mo Problems" is as relevant as its ever been. It appears that the saying is applicable to Tory's love life in a way. 

The Chixtape 5 artist recently sat down with Joe Budden for the latest episode of Pull Up where they discussed an array of topics from old feuds with Drake and Travis Scott to having to deal with the media. One part has been getting some particular attention is Tory Lanez way of curving women who are seeking a Gucci purse. "I have this line with women, when they're like, 'Can you buy me this?'" He said. "Shorty, I thought you was up. You can't buy yourself that?"

He continued, "If you can't buy yourself that, you can't fuck with my tax bracket. Period. If you can't buy a Gucci bag, you can't fuck with me in my tax bracket." He did clarify that this isn't for all women, just the ones who expect him to buy them things. 

Of course, this sparked a wide dialogue across social media with people both agreeing and disagreeing with Tory.