Tory Lanez's Quarantine Radio is still going strong. The Canadian rapper and crooner started his social media live programming earlier in quarantine, and it has grown into a viral hit. Most recently, Lanez was drowning in controversy due to his alleged involvement in the shooting of Meg Thee Stallion. However, it doesn't seem like cancel culture is affecting Lanez too much. He appears to still be having a good time, which is on full display during his quarantine radio segments. 

In Lanez's last Instagram live appearance, he did his usual smack talk and boastful bits before taking notice of a special friend watching his movements. "Hold on, the man himself is watching," starts Lanez with a smirk on his face. Lanez admits that the new viewer may be a little annoyed that he was about to be called out for watching the IG live, but he spills the info anyway. "Champagne Papi, Drake is watching right now," declares Lanez to his fans. Raucous sound effects pepper the background in celebration. 

Drake and Lanez were once beefing, but have since come together to put on for their city. Drizzy doesn't pop into the comment section, as we're sure he was shocked that Lanez even called him out for viewing the video in the first place.