Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from despair. Such is the way of gallows humor, a phenomenon often interpreted through memes in the digital age. In the wake of R. Kelly's recent interview with Gayle King, which led to an emotional meltdown from the disgraced singer, many memes were spawned in response. It didn't take long before Kelly's own magnum opus - "Trapped In The Closet" - was used against him. One particular innovator "remixed" the interview to include the iconic instrumental, and Kelly's dramatic delivery kept strangely faithful to the saga's original tone.

As it happens, Tory Lanez found himself captivated by the latest chapter of "Closet." Caring not if he damns himself through laughter, Tory took to Instagram to celebrate the ridiculousness of the situation. "The auto tune and the beat ," he writes, alongside tear-laugh emojis. "i know I’m wrong for doing this .. and his situation ain’t funny. But damn this is just too much."

In hindsight, the mashup between the Gayle King interview and "Trapped In The Closet" was inevitable, a logical step given the absurd depths of Kelly's alleged depravity. Clearly, Tory has chosen to look for the humor in an otherwise dark situation, a coping mechanism that many have adopted. He's certainly not alone in that regard, as the memes have been flowing since the conversation's initial airing. Expect more to come as the downfall of R. Kelly continues.

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