For the better part of this week, Chris Brown has been getting a lot of heat for lyrics he sang on his latest album Indigo. The project is proving to be one of Breezy's most successful bodies of work in a long time but one bar is holding people back from fully enjoying it. On his collaboration with Joyner Lucas and Lil Wayne, Brown says that he only wants to "fuck the black bitches with the nice hair," which is not sitting well with folks. There's been plenty of back and forth on social media involving the artist himself and now, Tory Lanez is chiming in on his own personal preferences.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Breezy might only be into a certain type of woman right now but Tory Lanez is not limiting himself to "good" or "bad" hair. He took to his Instagram story to shout out all women, showing love to all of his female fans. "Hair don't change the look of someone face," wrote the Canadian crooner. "Black women with bad or good hair can still get it. I don't think that should set the standard on how beautiful a woman is... lol and I ain't no one to be talking about no damn hair."

Tory Lanez has a point. 1. His hairline is pretty janky himself (sorry Tory, lol) but, 2. we really shouldn't be making that big a deal out of this. Good or bad hair, beauty can be defined in so many different ways.