Photos of Tory Lanez and Joseline Hernandez caused some intrigue amongst their fan bases. Speculations about the pair being a romantic item arose from the sight of Hernandez' naked breasts being cupped by the rapper hands as both entertainers seemed delighted taking racy pictures by the pool. During his interview with Ebro, Lanez was asked about the nature of his relationship with the Love and Hip Hop star.

The Canadian emcee seemed a bit wary about diving into the subject. When Ebro brought it up by saying, "I want to know if you're tagging Joseline Hernandez," Tory responded, "Oh, no. Don't do that. It's not true."

According to him, the photos should not have been taken so seriously in terms of people trying to determine their relationship. He sums up what happened the day the pictures were shot. Apparently, alcohol was involved.

"She invited me over there to go swimming one day. Its the first day I met her [...] I'm not gonna lie, I was drunk bro. We went swimming, it was cool. I'm not gonna lie, I was drunk, bro."

They had a good time, and the Lanez willingly took pictures, blunt between his lips.

"That's me, I'm Tory. I do shit like that. But I didn't know to the extent the world was gonna take it [...] I think she started seeing the reaction of it [...] It was a little bit of a reach."