Tory Lanez has been busy during quarantine. The rapper has seemingly been even busier than usual, thanks to his in-demand Quarantine Radio, which catapulted his social media fame and status to yet unknown heights. Meanwhile, the rapper is also busy prepping two new albums, as a newly-independent artist.

Tory's The New Toronto 3 project officially ended his contract with Interscope, and the rapper couldn't be more excited about having his independence. With it, comes the freedom to do whatever the fuck he pleases. Including a Spanish album, as he's dubbed it. We last had an update on said Spanish album in April, but still, details have been sparse and sporadic.

Late last night, he seemed to share a preview of what must be a song from the Spanish album, as it finds Tory flowing almost entirely in the language. In the caption, he calls out up-and-coming artist Melii, a Harlem-bred artist who herself has dabbled in Spanish music as well. Tory encourages his fans to follower her, while also harassing her for a verse: SO IF @melii DONT SEND ME HER VERSE BACK FOR THIS, IMA BE TIGHT !! LMAO all my Dominicans Puerto Ricans Cubans , Colombians need this !!!"

Check out the new music preview below, and let us know if it sounds like the perfect summer-time jam. Let's hope Melii sends that verse back ASAP. If you're unfamiliar with her, check out her recent collab with fellow New Yorker Smoove'l "BDE."

In related news, he recently hinted that Quarantine Radio may soon be coming to OnlyFans.