To call Tory Lanez a fan-favorite is an understatement. Prior to becoming a household name, the Brampton rapper has carved his moniker into the game through a variety of acclaimed mixtapes, including his beloved Chixtape series. Though it's been a little over two years since we received the fourth installment, rest assured that Tory has been hard at work on the fifth chapter of his pentalogy. Given that he's also sitting on an unreleased "Latin" album, it's impressive that the man manages to see anything through to completion, given his strenuous workload. 

Still, Tory remains in a perpetual state of hustle. Last night, the rapper took to Instagram Live to preview a few bangers-in-the-making. Should you have missed it, you might yet get a second chance, as Tory claims to be returning for another session later tonight. It seems like he's in the process of laying down tracks, and you can check out some of the material he showcased below.

In the meantime, check out Tory's officially sanctioned sneak preview, which he made available on his IG page after the stream. In the clip, he previews a RnB sounding joint, which finds him wistfully lusting after an unnamed woman. For those amenable to Tory's more melodic sound, you'll find much comfort here. Those seeking bars, bars, and more bars oughta wait and see.