Yesterday, Kodak Black stormed out of an interview after Ebro Darden asked him a question about his upcoming sexual assault trial. The question was a little awkward as Ebro recognized that Kodak could not give any details about the case but he somehow still expected the rapper to answer. Many have offered their opinions on the situation with Trick Daddy speaking out against the radio host earlier today. Now, Tory Lanez is stepping in and noting how inappropriate the question was in the first place.

During the latest episode of Everyday Struggle, Tory Lanez felt the need to address Ebro as he noted that while he has love for the host, he doesn't understand why the question was even asked. "Ebro, I love you to death but this was some real b*tch ass n***a shit," said the Torontonian. "On Ebro's part, this was the most b*tch ass n***a shit I've ever seen him do. Maybe me and Ebro can talk about this when we see each other. I just feel like, what were you trying to get him to say? What did you want him to say at that point? But you knew he had nothing to say. That's what makes it some b*tch ass n***a shit."

Tory goes on to praise Kodak for leaving the interview before he said anything that could be used against him in court. Do you think Ebro was wrong to ask the question?