Tory Lanez's open-air flirtations know no bounds. In the most recent airing of Complex's Everyday Struggle, the topic of Jacquees claiming R&B supremacy was broached yet again, with DJ Akademiks entering Tory Lanez' name as a contender for the incumbent position. As you may have heard, Jacquees' claimed the incumbent position of "R&B king" all to himself, thus sparking an internal debate within the songwriting community.

Tory, who'd been non-present in these discussions up to this point, found an unorthodox "simpish" way to respond to the Everyday Struggle's vocal support - instead of fielding a "thank you very much," Tory deemed it appropriate to shoot his shot at the show's moderator Nadeska Alexis, or as he put it, "shordy in the middle.:

Tory Lanez posted a video reel from the segment along with the following overture: "yo @akadmiks tell shordy in the middle ... one day ima bags that, zeeen." Who's to say, Tory Lanez won't one day pass in front of the Everyday Struggle green screen with the chance to flex his chops. We may never know a "nameless" love like this again.