After a year of slight shade thrown between Drake and Tory Lanez, the two patched things up publicly on an Instagram post a few months back. Drake took the gesture further by inviting Tory Lanez out for his annual OVO Fest this past Sunday. Tory took to Instagram earlier today to post a photo of the two on stage at OVO Fest. While the picture is kind of grainy and a little unclear, it's the caption that mattered the most.

Underneath the photo it read "Didn't get a chance to say it on stage but this moment was not only impactive to me , but it was BIG for the city of Toronto ... thank u @champagnepapi for bringing me out at the fest but a BIGGER thank u for paving the way for artist like me to shine from this city ! Let's continue to put on for Toronto together #YaDunKnowFomlayRespectZeen lol."

It's clear that at one point the two had unnecessary tension between each other but it's nice to see that it's in the past. Drake has been a firm supporter of Toronto and Toronto music for quite some time and Tory Lanez has been making waves in Toronto and further way before his debut album dropped. 

With the two of them now officially squashing the beef, it would be very cool to hear the two collaborate in the future. Hopefully it ends up on either Drake or Tory's album. 

Check the Instagram post below: