Not every b2b collab in the modern age is a total cash grab. Just ask Tory Lanez, an industrious rapper/singer eager to put his name out there, even at the risk of burning professional bridges. By collaborating with Tekashi 6ix9ine on successive projects, Tory Lanez cemented his allegiance with the maligned rapper, on the basis of shared commitments.

Despite being panned by critics at large, Tory's contributions to DUMMY BOY actually resonate with the listener - his isolated parts offering much-needed contrast to 6ix9ine's relentless howl, as demonstrated once before on "RONDO" with Young Thug. Unfortunately, this communion is restricted to musical kinship. The support put forth by artists like Tory Lanez and Nicki Minaj, as Tekashi stands up to a formidable RICO act designed to bend the rules. Tekashi needs much more than a windfall of petitions to bolster his chances.

Despite the improbable odds, the "Free Tekashi 6ix9ine" movement rages on with the emotional support of "friends in high places" like Tory Lanez and Nicki Minaj. Just this morning, Tory reposted a screenshot of one of the many petitions circulating the Web, in an attempt to underscore the unilateral support Tekashi has on the ground level. His message was straight to the point: "EVERYBODY HELP MY MAN 6." Where do you stand as far the unofficial "Free 6ix9ine" movement is concerned - comment below?