It's a new age, and former Interscope signee Tory Lanez is officially a free agent. That being said, it's high time for him to start releasing his self-described "best music," which he's been sitting on until his major-label deal wrapped up. The time has officially come, and Tory Lanez has officially taken to Instagram to launch a rollout of sorts.

 Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images 

"I told you guys I wasn't going to release none of my greatest music or most timeless music until I was out the deal and owned all my masters," says Tory. "So now that I'm out and I own all my masters and publishing, I got these three projects I want to release. But I need your help on which one to release first cause they all themed totally different." Before lifting the curtain on the stylistic nuts and bolts, he does clarify that each project runs between seven and eight songs deep.

Aside from his oft-teased Spanish album, Tory reveals he's been sitting on an acoustic project as well, one that apparently sounds like "Ed Sheeran meets Adele meets some n***a from the hood." Last but not least is the "80s" project, which Tory likens to the experience of hopping in a time machine and transporting back to the decade of synthesizers and John Hughes films.

He proceeds to encourage his fans to vote on which one they'd like to see first, with Justin Bieber going off-script with his own suggestion: "We need some Russian disco music from you fam." Should you be interested in trying to sway Tory's decision, head over to his IG page and follow the instructions within his caption. Which of the three is most intriguing to you?