The beef between Drake and Pusha-T has reached new levels at this point. There are sub-feuds to it as now, the most intense back-and-forth is happening between Kanye West and the 6 God. Kanye has already promised that he won't be recording any diss records directed at Drake but Pusha-T didn't hold back as much. The Virginia rapper unleashed a furious barrage onto Drizzy, revealing that the Canadian has a secret son with Sophie Brussaux, a former camgirl. Although every episode of Everyday Struggle is pretty entertaining, this week introduced Tory Lanez to the panel as he gave his opinion on who won the heated battle.

A few years ago, Tory wouldn't have hesitated before choosing Pusha-T as the winner. However, now that his own issues have been settled with Drake, Lanez made an unorthodox choice and pick his fellow Torontonian. The general consensus remains that Push dropped the better diss songs of the two. Many of his references were built on shock value though, which Tory alludes to, saying that he wasn't a fan of the way Push went about things. Specifically, the line about Drake's producer 40 and his MS diagnosis went a little too far. 

Tory touched on a few other hot topics, including Kodak Black's walk-out of his interview with Ebro. Tory took Kodak's side there, saying that Ebro was on some "b*tch ass n***a shit."