After Tory Lanez tried to release an unofficial remix of Yung Bleu's Drake-featured hit record "You're Mines Still" without tagging the Alabama rapper or shouting him out at all, the 26-year-old rising star called out the controversial Toronto native and threatened to have his remix removed from the internet. While the short-lived feud never got personal, Bleu claimed that he wouldn't be hiding his emotions, telling Lanez that he felt disrespected by the move after Tory initially ignored his DMs. 


We documented the first stretch of their feud, which continued as Tory tweeted that he's actually a fan of Yung Bleu. "@_YungBleu  ... crazy thing is ... I love your music and your song, that’s why I remixed it .. your an incredible artist .. and I’ve been listening to yu since 'Unappreciated' .. but if you feel some sorta way, we can just talk like men over a phone and not social media .Love bro," he said.

Shortly after, they seemingly chopped it up and even agreed to work together in the studio, combining their talents and coming out with a new hit. But that wasn't after Tory trolled Bleu on Instagram Stories, taking a video of their session and mimicking the rapper's melodies on "You're Mines Still."

"If I ever touch his remix I might never," laughed Tory to the melody of the song. "Nah, I officially am gonna tag him on anything I ever do in life. Nah, we here, we just made a hit, we gon' keep making hits." On the post, Tory tagged Yung Bleu's account six times as a joke. 

The last thing Tory Lanez needs is more beef. He's already got a lot of that on his plate, with other artists and specific fanbases.

Do you think Tory and Bleu made a hit? Are you eager to hear it?