Turn up Tory was living good in Miami this weekend to celebrate his birthday. Tory Lanez's birthday was earlier last week, and he blessed fans with some new music on that day. Although it was short, the "We Outside EP" is a good listen. The vibes were all smiles for Lanez just a few days later in Miami, as he and Chris Brown enjoyed themselves at Club LIV.

The club looked packed, which is no surprise for Miami. Although there was a Miami Beach curfew put into effect earlier this year, Florida has been pretty lax when it comes to social distancing and other similar mandates. Lanez documents this perfectly with the caption "LIV IS A ZOOOOOOOOOO." Bottle girls can be seen carrying liquor with lights strapped to the side of them, the new age replacement for sparklers. All in all, it looked like Lanez had a great time. 

The talented rapper and singer has been under some fire lately, which is nothing new for him. He made an appearance at Rolling Loud, where he took subtle shots at Meg Thee Stallion. Lanez popped up during DaBaby's set, and the latter has recently been under fire as well for comments he made at the same time.