Tory Lanez is bringing Quarantine Radio back to the airwaves (or, back to Instagram live), and he made sure to get everyone's attention with the age-old tactic of posing with half-naked women in the announcement post. Quarantine Radio had become a hallmark of socially-distanced entertainment for many before Tory halted streaming midway through last month. He went on a brief hiatus as he waited to get word on whether the government would be ending stay-at-home orders by the end of April, because no quarantine = no Quarantine Radio. However, when it became clear that most of us would be stuck inside for at least another month, Tory decided to bring the beloved Instagram live show back for May. On Saturday (May 2nd), he revealed the official return date for QR, so buckle your imaginary seatbelts, because Tory will be back as soon as 2:00pm today.

"QUARANTINE RADIO COMES BACK TOMORROW ! 2 PM !" he wrote on the post, which features a handful of scantily-clad ladies. "Ima give y’all a day to prep y’all outfits. Get your imaginary cars ready , get your liquor right...Tomorrow is not about the views it’s about the F*CKING FUN." While he doesn't specify whether this time refers to EST or PST, we'll assume EST just to be safe, and check back at 2:00pm PST if QR isn't streaming by then.

Who's ready for the return of Quarantine Radio?