Toy Story 3 is one of the most beloved movies in the Disney Pixar vault, arriving as the third in a four-part series (so far!) that envisions a world where toys come to life after we're not looking. Two brothers, Morgan and Mason McGrew, took things a step further by actually recreating TS3 in its truest to life form. 

While the directors of Toy Story 3 used CGI graphics and an entire studio funded by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios to bring their vision to fruition, the McGrew brothers only had each other to rely on — it's worth noting the sibling duo did get additional help from TS3 director Lee Unkrich though. Eight long years later after first starting, as Morgan confirmed in a tweet describing the journey (seen above), and their Toy Story 3 IRL remake came together with award-worthy precision. We can't even imagine the amount of brainpower it took to get everything perfect — they even recreated a life-size version of Andy's entire room! — so we commend the effort for sure. Next up, A Bug's Life!

You can watch all one hour and 39 minutes of this masterpiece below: